White Flowers Trends, Galleries and Inspirations

White Flowers GalleryThe story of White Flowers Gallery is threaded into the story of its owners, Eric and Diana Hansen, an artist and a photographer who made their home together in the middle of a garden that first began to bloom almost 100 years ago.

The previous owners were also artists, Eleanor Bridges, a painter, and Georges Bridges, a sculptor, who wove their art and life into the garden, leaving with it a palpable sense of magic that is the stuff of fairy tales. Quickly Eric and Diana knew the role of custodian had been passed like a torch to them, with a responsibility and magnetism toward preserving and appreciating its overwhelming beauty.

Every morning, as they rose to plant the earth and tend to the paradise bestowed upon them, Diana’s artistry was ignited, and Eric took to gather imagery with his camera. Together they crafted and produced T-shirts with their creations, and soon...